A London diner show to the Brexit voted


The UK may have Brexit voted  to quit the EU, but its capital city is not  about  to go hungry for a go through of Europe


Once the home of the jellied eel, pie and mash and fish and chips, London has come a extended way since the local Indian restaurant was the most exotic dining experience on any of the city’s main streets.

Drab, bland and careful, the cake trays and tea trolleys of the famed Lyons Corner Houses were about as upmarket as it got in 1975 when Britain last held a referendum on European association and Brexit  voted  voted to continue in.

More than 40 years of continental power has distorted British cuisine, mainly in London, where residents have their pick of top-class European eateries.

From the pastizzi of Malta, to the tapas of Spain, to the cheese-laden dumplings of Slovakia, London has a restaurant for approximately all of the 28 member states of the European Union.

Luxembourg and Slovenia are under-represented in debatably Europe’s most cosmopolitan city.

But diners who simply must have their Judd mat gaardebounen  or krofi (fried Slovenian doughnuts) are just as likely to be provided for by city’s scores of French, German or Balkan restaurants.


In the 2016 referendum on EU association, the UK’s heart — 51.9% of voters — chose Brexit  voted

But 59.9% of Londoners — ruled by their gut instincts, perhaps — voted for Remain.

A few weeks before the referendum took place, we created our own menu of London’s European restaurants and example some of the food and opinions on offer.

The prospect of the UK’s relationship with the EU hangs in the balance, but perhaps these restaurants — and the pre-referendum thoughts of their staff — can give a taste of what is at stake its  collected by zoomamsti report and you can also enjoy

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