US court reinstates Apple VS Samsung in patent case

patent case
Apple VS Samsung in patent case

NEW YORK: A central appeals us court on Friday reinstated a $120 million judges award for Apple Inc beside Samsung, in  patent case another striking twist in the fierce copyright war between the world’s top smartphone manufacturers.

The full slate of jury on the US Court of Appeals for the central Circuit in Washington DC, said a previous panel of the same court should not have upturned the decision in the case involving three iPhone technology patents last February.

Friday’s 8-3 choice said the judges verdict was supported by considerable proof and that the three-judge appeals US court panel did not follow US Supreme Court limits on the scope of its review.

The application stems from a May 2014 decision from a federal court in San Jose, California, which planned Samsung to pay $119.6 million for using Apple’s original slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and “quick link” features without permission.

The judges had also found that Apple infringed a Samsung patent case on digital photo zoommasti technology and awarded $158,400 in damages. Friday’s choice upholds that award.

The two companies have been battling over mobile device technology patents for years, with Apple mostly existing.

In December, Samsung paid Apple $548.2 million stemming from a take apart patent case. Part of that argument has been appealed to the Supreme Court, which will hear it on Tuesday.