Farooq Sattar MQM’s Uk leadership ‘sacks’

farooq sattar sacks
mqm farooq sattar sacks

Adeem Nusrat, no one apart from him, is the chosen convener of Muttahida Qaumi Movement and Farooq Sattar has been removed from basic social gathering membership,” said the report.

The joint report added that the MQM’s Coordination Committee had appointed Dr. Sattar as parliamentary leader after the support of party chief Altaf Hussain as per the foundation and laws of the party. Dr. Sattar was not allowed to impose his choice on the party and other affairs, it added.

Dr. Sattar dedicated treason against the party time and again and managed to return to his earlier-held positions in the party due to the kindheartedness of Altaf Hussain.”

“Today, all workers of MQM are learned that Farooq Sattar has been sacked from the party for constantly betraying and dealing with establishment on the cost of the blood of Haqparast workers,” said the statement.

The statement further said that Dr. Sattar was not a parliamentary leader of the MQM any longer, so all legislators were free to submit their acknowledgment

The statement warned that punitive action and a social refuse would be imposed on those defying party orders.

The joint statement went on to say that on several occasions, party workers have given the right to take all sensitive decisions to Altaf Hussain. The party’s London secretariat also directed party activists to judge only the statements of Nadeem Nusrat, which it claimed were affirmed by Altaf Hussain.