German Appealed to Facebook for Whatsapp Data by Mobiles Technology News

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Facebook said In Mobiles Technology News  its appeal against an order by a German privacy Policy regulator on Tuesday to stop storing and personal fetching data  of German users of its messaging app WhatsApp and to delete  all the maseges and pictures of personal and family which has already been forwarded to it.

The Hamburg Commissioner for Data safety and Freedom of Information said Facebook was infringing data safety  law and had not obtained efficient approval from WhatsApp’s have 35 million users in Germany.

“After the long  achievement of WhatsApp by Facebook two years ago, both parties have publicly certain and not share  that data will not be shared between them,” commissioner Johannes Caspar said in a statement.

By Zoom Masti Technology Facebook, is the largest social community which , bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in cash and stock in an effort to reach a youngest Peoples..

“The fact that this is now happening is not only a misleading of their users and the public, but also comprise an breach of national data protection law in Mobiles Technology News


Facebook has its German headquarters in Hamburg and therefore falls under Caspar’s power

We will appeal this order and we will work with the Hamburg DPA in an effort to address their questions and resolve any concerns,” it said.

The data watchdog said Facebook and WhatsApp were self-governing Industuries  that should process their users’ data based on their own terms and conditions and data privacy policies.

EU and US regulator have said they would scrutinize changes to privacy settings that WhatsApp made in August.