Google Re-enabled monitization in pakistan

monitization in pakistan
Youtube Monitization in Pakistan

It is important news Google   Monetization in Pakistan from Zoom Masti  for peoples  and artists of Pakistan, Google on Tuesday said that it is launched ‘YouTube Partner P rogramme’  and monetization in the country which will allow video and earn  money for their original work, reported Mashable.

Its best news of Google monetization in Pakistan for the local artists and peoples  in a country where entertainment industry is better .

Any Pakistani author and publisher still if they have only one original and creater by himself video   can become a “partner and publisher with Google” and start making money. These partners will be able to create and attach with his video  ads against their videos.

YouTube will hole the revenue generated by those ads, and pays to publisher of Youtube creater videos..

Popular Pakistani Peoples and famous rapper and comedian Ali Gul Pir explaining the matter to Mashable said: “YouTube monetization  for Pakistan before the ban was a spark of hope as we did not even have a single record tag in the country. So musical group and publishers only had YouTube and that’s where I released my 1st music and song as well, It got over 3 million views.

“It made my future  but then YouTube was banned and we and our publishers again converted to zero. I still made content but we would use Twitter,,instagaram  and Facebook to show the work, and frankly that didn’t work well because those platforms are not made for video  creators.”

By Zoommasti News collected  the news of Google Monitization in Pakistan also introduces the offline video viewing feature which has been specially and most  popular in rising countries where many face and worried about monetization in pakistan connectivity issues.

Using this feature, A video user  can go to YouTube app and save a video for later viewing. Youtube video will be saved for 24 hours and after when user online then they also can check and view after 24 hours saved video.

“We are happy to launch this new offline experience on YouTube monetization in pakistan with some of the top Pakistani players in entertainment. By making these popular videos available for temporary offline viewing, our partners will help All the subscriber and fans of musical author can easily connect . while also helping bring more and millioner  viewers to their videos,” said Tania Aidrus, Head of Business Development, Next Billion Users team at Google Asia conciliatory

After a long time baned of pakistan monetization in pakistan people have once again begun turning to Google accounts of adsense  video service for strong and creating videos on Youtube.

Pakistanis are now payments considerably more time on YouTube.The company told Mashable. Google says the watch-time of YouTube has more than doubled and re enabled monetization in Pakistan in eight months


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