Neuroblastoma News Georgia girl, 7, dies earlier chance to spend day

neuroblastoma news
neuroblastoma news

A brave 7-year-old girl from Georgia who was soon arranged to spend a day with the San Francisco Police Department, died Tuesday after a four-year fight with neuroblastoma .

Karma Little’s cancer touched stage 4 but the girl was intent on becoming a police officer, the San Francisco Record reported. She was going to see the section’s horses and the structure that is home to the police tactical unit, the report said.


She essentially died in her parents’ arms,” Examiner John Keane, who was in contact with the family since last year, told the paper. He would send various jewelries to the girl, including a birthday card from the SFPD SWAT. The message: Stay strong and keep up the good fight.

Keane said he would escort the family to the airport for the flight back to Georgia.

Little inspired many during her fight. A Facebook page called, “Believe in Karmiracles” had 4,500 likes and the girl spent days with other law implementation agencies, including in New York City.

On Aug. 20, her parents posted on Facebook that the prognosis worsened.

“Atlanta and NYC both agree that there are no more real options for Karma. We were told her cancer is FATAL. And both teams confirmed an estimation of 3-6 months; but certainly not a year of life left for Karma,” the post said.


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