Sadaf Kanwal dance number from unknown persons 2 is out now

Sadaf Kanwal dance 2017
Sadaf Kanwal dance

We’ve been curious about Sadaf Kanwal  dance number in Na Maloom Afraad (Unknown Persons) 2 and it’s lastly here.

Earlier, Sadaf had told Images that her song is a ‘little diverse with Arabic touches’.

And sure sufficient, in the video, we see Sadaf Kanwal  dance get her belly-dancing channel on while an Arab sheikh (Nayyar Ejaz) conducts some shady business with his men-for-hire. Once they’re done, they continue to watch her dance.

It isn’t clear from the video if Sadaf’s role is to merely amuse the men for this brief amount of time. But she looks great and dances fine, so we’re not grouchy.

Psst, Hamza Ali Abbasi should perhaps avoid this music video…