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SEOUL: Samsung Electronics has suspended production of its Samsung  Note 7 smartphone, a report said Monday, a month after a remember prompted by battery explosions and a day after two main abroad distributors halted replacements

Samsung Galaxy  Note 7, the world’s largest smartphone maker, declined to comment on the report by South Korea’s Yonhap news organization, which was sourced to an unidentified official with an unidentified Samsung  Note 7 supplier.

The official told Yonhap the choice to for the time being halt production was taken in assistance with consumer safety regulators from South Korea, the United States and China.

Samsung  Note 7 decided on September 2 to halt the sale of the Galaxy Note 7 and recall those sold after complaints that its lithium-ion battery exploded while charging.

With images of overcooked phones flooding social media, the unparalleled recall was a disgrace for a firm that prides itself as an icon of novelty and quality.

The recall process at first stumbled with some mixed messages, but seemed to be on track until last week when reports emerged of similar problems with some of the surrogate phones.

On Sunday, US telecommunications firm AT&T and German rival T-Mobile said they would halt exchanges of recalled Samsung  Note 7,  alGaxy Note 7s pending more investigations.

The announcement saw Samsung’s share price plunge by as much as four percent in early on morning trade on Monday

At midday, Samsung  Note 7, shares were trading at 1.65 million won — down 3.2 per cent from Friday’s close. AT&T said it would still offer customers the option to exchange Galaxy Note 7s for one more Samsung  Note 7, smartphone or other device of their choice..

Samsung has so far declined to confirm any problem with its replacement phones.

The South Korean conglomerate’s handling of the Note 7 recall has placed a attention on organization at a time when it is navigating a tricky generational power transfer within the founding Lee family.

business experts have criticised the Lee family for controlling the vast group through a complex web of cross shareholdings, although they only directly own about five per cent of total stocks.