Taliban attack in Kunduz city by Zoom Masti International Report

taliban attacks
taliban attacks in afghani city

KUNDUZ: Explosions echoed across Kunduz as Afghan commandos began to repulse a Taliban attack beating Monday, forcing inhabitants to shelter in their homes one year after militants briefly held the planned local capital.

Government helicopters were targeting gunmen from the air in a bid to repel the attack, a day before President Ashraf Ghani is due to meet world powers at a major donor’s discussion in Brussels.

By Zoom Masti International Report “People of Kunduz are panicked and trying to flee but they are fixed in the middle of fighting,” Ghulam Rabbani Rabbani, Kunduz provincial council member, told AFP.

“Please help us to get clear of this chaos and crises, or our people will be killed,” he said, word of warning the province was on the border of fall down.

Afghan commandos flown in from Kabul and led by the army chief of staff boosted local forces as they began almost the insurgents back to the city’s outskirts, the provincial governor’s office said Monday afternoon.

Special forces could be seen in the streets and some shops and businesses for a short time reopened even as the sounds of fighting continued, an AFP correspondent said.

“Their Taliban attack attack has been repelled and the safety forces are retaking the areas they had lost,” governor Assadullah Omerkhil told reporters there, adding that “tens” of Taliban had been killed.

Danish also said the militants were sheltering in resident homes.

“Since early morning we’ve been attentive inside our houses,” Kunduz resident Abdullah, 28, told AFP earlier.

An Afghani policeman takes position during fighting between Taliban  attack militants and Afghan safety forces in Kunduz . -AFP

The Afghan center ministry said one policeman had been killed and four injured. It was not clear if they were built-in the hospital’s tax.

The insurgents, who are known to overstate their claims, said they had killed multiple military and were making “rapid” progress through the city’s neighbourhoods.

Fighting was also reported along the Kunduz-Baghlan highway.

Kabul officials downplayed the power of the assault, while NATO said it was conscious of “continuing irregular fighting” and was working to assist Afghan forces in the area, including with air support.

Donor fatigue

The attack comes just over a year after the Taliban Attack overran Kunduz, the only provincial capital to have fall into their hands since they were ousted from power in 2001.

Government control of the city has been shaky ever since.

During that attack Afghan forces were in disarray and United States Green Beret special operations troops complete up serving to the fight over many heavy days, in line with a unclassified United States military report.

On Monday, however, the Afghan interior ministry aforesaid security forces were “fighting courageously against the terrorists”.

Ghani can meet with world leaders in capital of Belgium on Tuesday and weekday in an exceedingly bid to secure assist from the international community up to 2020.

The meeting, fifteen years when the United States invasion of 2001, can attempt to beat up support despite donor fatigue combined by conflicts in Asian country and Al-Iraq and the worst migration crisis since warfare II.

Financial support is “crucial”, officers aforesaid sooner than the conference, whose attendees embrace United States Secretary of State John Kerry and world organisation Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

“Nobody will afford for Asian nation to destabilise once more,” a senior EU official aforesaid.

Monday’s violence came as six individuals were killed in an exceedingly blast in northern Jawzjan province, and as a terrorist killed a police district chief within the volatile southern province of Helmand.

On Sunday, the religious movement issued a press release accusatory foreign contractors of pocketing aid cash, and job for the conference to end in the withdrawal of international forces.

After seizing Kunduz on Gregorian calendar month twenty eight, 2015, the religious movement command the town for 2 days and eventually proclaimed they were retreating from the outskirts on Oct fifteen. over 280 individuals were killed and lots of wounded..

A US raid during the fighting hit a hospital operated by Medecins Sans Frontieres on October 3, murder 42 people.