Tiny Therapy Horses Have Big shock on Hurting Humans

therapy horses zoommasti
therapy horses zoommasti

Tiny Therapy horses are some of the cutest creatures on the earth – but these ponies are also skilled to provide comfort to those in need.


These horses may be small, but they’re not scared to take on their patient’s biggest problems.

They are part of the Mini Therapy Horses nonprofit that introduces sweet, tiny trained ponies to groups and individuals that have undergone shock. Their partnerships with American law enforcement, and children’s and expert agencies have facilitated equine meetings with all types of concerned souls in need of console

After having just one meeting with a small therapy horse,” said Victoria Nodiff-Netanel, creator of Mini Therapy Horses, “individuals have been known to talk for the first time in years, smile, and tell their stories of sincere pain and tragedy

For the last 8 years, Netanel’s team of volunteers and their equine partners have soothed over 45,000 crisis wounded each year. The ponies – Black Pearl, Willow Blue, Liberty Belle, American Valor, Blue Moon, Sweet Louise, and Bluebell – are all experienced, clever animals that seem to have an instinctual understanding of human suffering.

a lot of of their heartbroken human counterparts include burn wounded, veterans with PTSD, orphans, rape survivors, or hospital patients



Tiny therapy horse zoommasti
Tiny therapy horse zoommasti

When asked what stimulated her to start the unusual therapy project, Netanel says she’s always had a passion for equestrian message.

“I have always loved horses and prior to me becoming a competitive rider and horsewoman, I had stuffed animal horses as a small child,” Victoria told the Good News Network. ”Later in life, when my daughter left home for college, my ‘empty nest’ purchase was a miniature horse named Pearl. I trained Pearl every trick in the book and urban a passion to help others so I wanted us to do it as a team