You’ll be talented to call your driverless Tesla from cross-country

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Driverless Tesla is building cars ready for full self-driving The cars aren’t smart sufficient yet to use this new technology, but Tesla says they will learn fast

Driverless Tesla is at this time building cars ready for full Tesla self-driving. The cars aren’t smart enough yet to use this new technology, but Tesla says they will study fast.

Software competent of using all the new gear will be added a little at a time over the coming months. Tesla expects that, by the end of 2017, one of its cars will be talented to drive from New York City to Los Angeles without the driver having to do no matter which, Elon Musk said on a meeting call Wednesday night.


True self-driving isn’t likely with the gear that has been installed on driverless Tesla cars up to now, no material how much Tesla improves the software, Musk said. But now the cars are being built with extra cameras, sufficient to give computers a full 360 degree view around the car, as well as improved sensors. They are also being built with computers that are 40 times faster than the ones that been before installed in Tesla cars

At the start, the Tesla cars with the new hardware will in fact be less able than cars with the old hardware suite. That’s because all this new hardware needs new software to run it. That software will be rolled out over the coming months as it’s developed and tested. Before long, the new cars will exceed the old ones in their aptitude to drive themselves. Musk said.

While today’s Tesla Autopilot is designed to purpose only on limited access highways, the new self-driving system will be able to function even on city streets with pedestrians, cyclists and complex intersections,

Because of the difficulty of the equipment, it won’t be possible for owners of older cars to have their vehicles improved with all the new cameras and sensors. Full self-driving will only be available to owners of new Model S, Model X and, finally,