Zoommasti gene editing

CRISPR ‘Kill’ Switch Could Make person Gene Editing Safer

A protein used by viruses could be used as an off switch to make the CRISPR gene editing system safer, researchers say. by zoommasti science A weapon that viruses use in their neverending war with...

Michelle Obama looks breathtakingly beautiful on fashion cover

Being a FLOTUS is not an easy job. It requires force of character to boost the morale of a country and start initiatives for the welfare of all. It also requires faultless styling on...
tb patients in dia cases

TB patients in india New Style of tracking

  B D Sagar shouted out in Gujarati to a small collection of people sitting under a tree on a dusty hill, in the outer edge of Mehsana city, in north-western Gujarat. Sturdily built Sagar,...
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